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Want to Become a Racquetball Star Like Sawyer Howitt? Here’s Your Game Plan!

A recent article on blogwebpedia gave outstanding advice on the steps you need to take if you want to become a racquetball pro like Sawyer Howitt. The article starts out by detailing the importance of dedicating your time and energy into the sport.

A few tips include researching the best path forward for your career in racquetball. A lot of research should go into the process before you ever start your quest. Next, the article says you must dedicate yourself to a strict plan. It states that you will surely fail to progress in the sport unless you have a plan that includes long-term discipline. Of course, another tip is to secure yourself an excellent coach. One additional tip in that area is that racquetball players must often travel long distances to find a coach that is truly right for them.

Next, in the fitness arena, the article recommends that you must not only get into excellent physical shape. Talent and skill will only take you so far as the game is very intense. It states you should probably be in better shape than most anyone you run into at your racquetball club. Continuing on, the article sites an age old golden rule of Practice Makes Perfect.

The article says that while finding sponsors for you is key, it is often harder to get those until you reach a higher level. Until then, taking on coaching jobs is an excellent way to earn income while focusing on the game.

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If you haven’t heard of Sawyer Howitt yet, you surely will soon. He is an up and coming racquetball player and entrepreneur that currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Howitt has very close ties with the racquetball club of Portland, Oregon. He was a rising star in his high school racquetball program and those that follow the sport believe he is expected to begin playing at a professional level any day.

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