Serge Belamant: Founder of Zilch Technology Limited

Born in France in 1953, Serge Belamant has accomplished many events and goals throughout his lifetime so far and has many more to come. In his early life Serge moved from France all the way to South Africa with his family and father. Belament had to learn how to write and speak English fluently when landing in Africa. He shined in such sports like rugby and was an advanced complex chess player. His actions became almost perfect in 1972 when he was awarded full colors in rugby, athletics, chess, and academics. Serge Belamant attended Witwatersrand University and there he studied engineering but later would change his field of studies to computer science and Applied Mathematics. Unfortunately, Serge did not finish his schooling as he would be required to repeat subjects that he had already passed before.

Early in his career he joined an engineering company called Matrix, which worked on little to medium-sized IBM computers at the time using top of the line element analysis software. Moving along, Belament obtained an occupation at Control Data. Control Data is a supercomputer manufacturer company to join and assist the application support force named Cybernet. He was granted the analyst of the year in 1980.

A couple years later, Serge Would find himself winning yet again another analyst of the year award in 1982. After that, he moved occupations to a company called Databank to invent the first scientifically pursued financial process in use of Control Data equipment. Moving on, Belamant joined SASWITCH to pursue the IT Division and Developed an implemented national ATM panel in RSA links to every RSA Bank using Stratus software or computers. SASWITCH became the second most immense ATM switch on planet earth after these events.

1989 is the year that Serge Belamant finally completed the development and software for the newly presented SASWITCH system. Shortly after that, Serge decided to resign from SASWITCH and start his own company that was named Net1. Net1 was founded in October 1989. In 1995, Visa and Net1 came to an agreement for Serge Belamant to Develop a up to date visa interface named COPAC (Chip Offline Authorized Card). Net1 mostly grew outside of the United States such as in Africa and signed contracts and deals in Namibia, Botswana, Russia, Iraq, and much more. Net1 capitalism at times and in its prime reached more than the two billion USD threshold.

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Sheldon Lavin: The Chief Executive Officer Of The OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a professional with a good track record. He fully understands how to lead and build business empires. Unlike many young entrepreneurs, Sheldon has a wealth of knowledge as well as managerial abilities. He focuses on large-scale operations to ensure firms have the ability to maintain multiple food supply chains.

Sheldon Lavin applies various brilliant techniques to ensure that he gets into his ambition. He is usually keen on matters regarding technological changes, consumer preferences, and many more. Although it is hard to measure factors mentioned above with the help of the price system, Sheldon has a unique way of dealing with even the most complex questions. He delegates some of the tasks to some of the most skilled professionals in the company. This helps him to make several achievements while engaging in minimal research.

Sheldon Lavin is highly skilled when it comes to the provision of financial consulting services. Also, he has excellent managerial and leadership abilities. Currently, he is the CEO of the famous OSI Group, the top provider of food-processing and meat-packaging services. Lavin clearly understands the importance of preserving the environment. He is one of the few Chief Executive Officers who pay attention to the well-being of the environment.

Lavin has been rewarded severally for his excellent business as well as leadership performances. Also, he has been recognized several times for his excellent philanthropic efforts. He donates a great deal of money to the renowned Ronald McDonald House Foundation, an organization that offers amenities as well as housing accommodations to people suffering from serious illnesses.

How Sheldon Lavin decided to start a business

Sheldon Lavin specialized in finance during his studies. He chose the course because he had the ambition of bringing a positive impact to the world. His main ambition was to build a firm that can offer individuals with products and foods that they use day-in, day-out. He decided to become financial consultant to get into this goal. During his first days in the market, Lavin did not believe in his abilities. However, the fear disappeared when he started experiencing success.

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Will Malcolm Casselle Be the Leader in Gaming?

Gaming is bigger than ever. Those who love gaming and those who are enthusiasts, know that the ability to buy, sell, or even trade online is huge. WAX, founded by Malcolm Casselle is now the hotspot for gamers. The internet has changed the way consumers buy, and make their buying decisions. How is WAX making the entire process easier and better for gamers?

Malcolm Casselle, the President of WAX created a platform where gamers could safely buy, sell, and trade their weapons and more. Prior to WAX, gamers could potentially put money on the table, only to be taken by scammers. Payments could be made while products were never delivered. This left many gamers frustrated and angry. Malcolm Casselle saw a problem, then he created a way to solve this problem.

Additionally, he also created a way for gamers who desire to use digital currency be a part of the process. There are some transactions that can be made specifically for those who wish to use their cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This could potentially change the way consumers view cryptocurrency, deeming it as its very own business.

OPSkins, another endeavor created by Malcolm Casselle, is giving gamers the opportunity to truly engage in a complete virtual platform with virtual gaming. OPSkins is truly focused on the use of digital currency and how it’s being used in gaming all around. This is why he specifically offers a blockchain-based area for gamers who desire to use their cryptocurrency only.

As the President of WAX, the mission for Malcolm Casselle was to improve the buying, selling, and trading for gamers. Prior to the inception of WAX, he was the President and CTO of Tronc. Tronc is a company that is focused on leveraging digital assets. His time before this was spent managing and leading other companies that were focused on digital platforms. Today, WAX is the leader in the purchase and trading of online gaming weapons.

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