Talos Energy A Leading Oil And Gas Exploration Company

Talos Energy Inc. is a technology driven private for-profit oil and gas exploration and Production Company that was founded on Jan 1, 2012. The company is headquartered in Houston Texas and has operations in the US Gulf of Mexico and the coast of Mexico. Talos energy boasts of a highly experienced management team with decades of experience in oil and gas offshore exploration and production. Talos energy as part of their strategy aims at fully acquiring and exploiting the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf coast by capitalizing on the firm’s deep geological, geophysical and operating experience. Talos is more focused on innovation in production and exploration sector with the goal of recovering valuable resources that were considered unreachable.

Talos Energy has made a lot of accomplishment in the oil and gas industry. One significant achievement the company has made recently is the acquisition of Whistler Energy II. Talos entered into an acquisition deal with Whistler Energy II, LLC on August 31, 2018. Whistlers total gross production year to date stood at about 1,900 barrels of oil equivalent per day, and a net of around 1500 barrels most of which is oil which accounts for approximately 82%. The acquisition deal was worth 52 million dollars. As part of the agreement, Talos negotiated the release of around 77 million dollars cash that was held as collateral for Whistler surety bonds. Talos from the collateral received a total of 31 million dollars, and Whistler bagged the rest 46 million dollars. Besides the Collateral cash, Talos was also to benefit from the cash balance at Whistler’s account by close of business which stood at 7 million dollars. The deal was a win-win situation for both Talos and Whistler as at the end of the day Talos acquired Whistler at 14 million dollars down from 52 million dollars and Whistler ended up with approximately 100 million dollars, 48 million dollars on top of the original 52 million dollars.

Another milestone achievement for Talos Energy was the recent merger with Stone Energy Corporation. The 2 billion dollars merger will see Talos energy stakeholders owning 63% of the combined company while Stone Energy Shareholders will hold the rest 37%. In a statement, Talos energy CEO Tim Duncan said the merger was significant to the shareholders as they will benefit from increased scale and liquidity.

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CEO José Auriemo Neto of JHSF transfordm tha Brazilian real estate sector

José Auriemo Neto is the chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF Participacoes. JHSF is a Brazilian real, estate development company. JHSF deals with the development of residential and commercial properties in Brazil. However, it has operations in two other countries; Uruguay and United States. As the CEO, José Auriemo Neto oversees all the operations of the company. Most of its investments are in hotels building, public developments and office buildings. JHSF also has interests in shopping and retail portfolios. JHSF is the owner of the largest shopping centers in Brazil. They included Cidade Jardim shopping complex that is found in Sao Paulo, the Bela Vista in Salvador, Metrô Tucuruv, the Ponta Negra shopping Centre located Manaus. Currently, they are constructing two, other shopping centers in Sao Paulo District.

José Auriemo Neto as the CEO in 2009 oversaw the first retail partnership with the other big brand s in the world such as Pucci, Hermes, and Jimmy Choo. The deals allow the brands to open shop in the JHSF owned shopping center Cidade Jardim shopping complex. JHSF has also partnered with other special brands such as Valentino who have opened the first R.E.D Valentino and Valentino stores in Brazil.

JHSF has established itself as the leader in Brazilian real estate. José Auriemo Neto showed shrewd management skills by being able to overturn the fortunes for this company that was established by his father. Since joining the company, he has been very keen to transform the operations of the company by expanding its operations to various cities across the world.

José Auriemo Neto attended FAAP (Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado) University in Sao Paulo. He joined JHSF in 1993. José Auriemo Neto was the brain behind the first parking lot management company at JHSF known as Parkbem. After the success that he oversaw with Parkbem, he was given the role of being the project leader in the construction of Shopping Santa Cruz.


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