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Agera Financial believes in keeping customers

If someone has a bad experience with a company, they are likely to tell over ten people. If someone has a good experience, they are likely to tell three to four people. This means that it is much easier to keep a new customer than it is to gain a new one. This is why all companies prefer to keep old customers as long as possible.

Agera Financial showed that it understands this by earning the Zero Complaints award from the Better Business Bureau. How did they do this? By using good customer service skills. Using these skills meant that no one reporged the investment firm to the organization. The BBB works to improve customer service and company involvement in the community. Read More.

Why Agera Energy Is Applauded By Both Consumers And Employees

Established five years ago, Agera Energy is a retail energy supplier forging long-lasting relations with their valued consumers. Hallmarked for their client-driven practices, Agera Energy pairs their robust line of services with their dedicated sales team in hopes of appealing to the masses. No doubt held in high esteem by their 1.8 million consumers, Agera Energy has won considerable support from the public.

What’s more, their employees rave about their company culture. Offering sound counsel to their staffers, Agera Energy workers appreciate the company they dutifully work for. According to most, Agera Energy provides an unmatched level of guidance and support that many organizations lack. Above all else, Agera Energy employees enjoy the challenging yet rewarding opportunities they’re offered. Some additional perks include fair salary, great benefits, and remote work. Learn More.

Stream Energy: Giving Back to the People of Texas Through Stream Cares

Stream Energy, based in Dallas, Texas, is an example of a company that is taking customer care to a different level. The company was established in the early 2000s by two visionary men who wanted to provide affordable energy to the community. Because of the cheap and reliable energy that they market, the company gained a lot of customers. They also branched out their services to provide not just energy, but also wireless connections and other related products. The company saw an opportunity to expand after they have been granted permission by the state of Texas to operate outside its borders. The company quickly engaged in a partnership with other businesses especially in the northeast, where affordable energy is in demand. The company was able to set foot on New England and started to service the states one after another, with Delaware becoming their most recent client. Stream Energy continues to expand and provide affordable energy to people who could no longer pay their previous surging bills. They look into Stream Energy as a reliable alternative, and their efficiency in operations allowed them to gain more customers than they could ever imagine.

Stream Energy also launched Stream Cares recently, to go with their passion of providing world-class services to the people. Stream Cares was established in 2017, as their answer to the growing calls for help from many people who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The destruction caused by the hurricane was apocalyptic, and the damages were estimated to reach up to $120 billion or more. People who survived were taken to evacuation shelters, where they were given first aid, food, and water. To help the survivors, Stream Energy stepped up and provided money to the American Red Cross, ordering them to use it to buy supplies.

Stream Energy, through Stream Cares, showed the people of Texas how a company like them would mobilize their departments to make sure that the people are being taken care of. The company is grateful that the people of Texas have supported them through the years, allowing them to expand their operations. The management says that it is the time for them to give back.